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our next piercing dates for our guest piercer Jade are :- 25th &26th Nov

Jade can be contacted directly through her Instagram account @jadeopiercings





Helpful Hints


  • Wear clothes from natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk) as they will allow your piercing to breathe. Synthetic fibers do not, and this can slow down healing. Be especially conscious of bras and padding over nipple piercings .

  • Give your body a boost with food supplements. Iron, vitamin B, vitamin C and zinc can help with healing 

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Be mindful of sleeping position! When healing ear piercings, sleep on your other side. Try to stay off your stomach with healing navel piercings as well.


Eat well.......sleep well. !!! 



Do Not’s

  • Never use table salt on your piercing. 

  • Never touch with dirty hands. Do not let anyone else touch your piercing.

  • Never twist or take out before the piercing is fully healed.

  • Try keep hair away from fresh piercings.

  • Do not get Makeup, Moisturiser, Fake tan inside the wound. Go close around but NOT inside.

  • The more you leave your piercing alone, the faster and better it will heal.

  • Do not over clean your piercing as it will not heal. Over cleaning takes away the good bacteria your body needs to heal.

  • Public pools, lakes, and especially hot tubs should be avoided during healing.

  • In the event an infection is suspected,please contact us directly .  Do not remove jewelry unless instructed to by a medical professional.

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