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Tattoo prices vary depending on the size, complexity of design and time needed to complete the tattoo. 

Prices given over the phone are an estimate, we can only give more accurate quotes when we have as much information needed to do so. 


Basically, a larger tattoo will usually cost more than a smaller tattoo, however, a small complex design can also cost more if it takes some time to do. 


You can book a free consultation with us or your chosen artist. Here you can discuss style size placement etc, and we will be able to give you a quote and let you know how long your tattoo will take and when it can be done. A consultation is usually 15-30 minutes and is free of charge. 

Book a consultation

Or you can book a consultation by simply phoning us, or contacting us through email or our Facebook page.

Thanks for submitting!

book a consultation

All bookings must be confirmed by Zombie Dollz Tattoo Parlour 


Waiting lists are different for each artist, therefore waiting times will vary. We will always try to be as accommodating as possible. 


Walk in tattoos are welcome and are taken on a first come first serve basis when space is available. 

book an appointment
Please fill out form as best you can. Also, include photos of area you want to be tattooed. Take these at eye level in a well-lit area, showing the body part clearly. 
Book an Appointment 

Photos of area and 

Please attach any references

Thanks for submitting!


A booking fee is required for all tattoo appointments. This holds your date and covers the costs of designing your tattoo. .Your tattoo design is available the day before or  the day of your session. Any small alterations can be made on the day of the tattoo.     

Please be patient  when waiting on designs , these are done in order of appointments .  If you do not like your design , your artist will redraw , however if there are a lot of edits , your artist may reschedule .

We want you to be happy , drawing and designing takes time and expertise , so you may be charged for multiple drawings.

If we cannot agree, the artist may turn down the project .

The designs /drawings do not belong to you until it is tattooed on you 


72 hours notice must be given for cancellation and reschedules. Booking fees are non-refundable. For larger tattoos, the booking fee payment is credited off the final session of a multi-session tattoo.

booking fee
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