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We recommend you follow our piercing aftercare instructions below. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us.



  • Wash hands with Antibacterial soap before cleaning your fresh piercing. 

  • Use Saline solution ( DIY recipe or Sea Salt with Boiled water. They are the same thing).

  • Soak a cotton bud (q tip ) in the saline solution 

  • Clean around your piercing front and back with the saline-soaked cotton bud 

  • Get a new Cotton Bud and DRY thoroughly.

  • Do this every day.

  • 1st Month clean 2-3 times.

  • 2nd Month clean 2 times.

  • 3rd Month and onwards clean 1 time a day.

  • It is advisable to continue cleaning your piercings after this with antibacterial soap. 







Oral Aftercare

As part of a sea salt rinse.

We recommend sea salt rinses for piercings located inside of the mouth. We recommend to swish the solution and spit.

*Do not swallow the rinse solution.


Light Piercing Blister

Please come and see one of our piercers as soon as possible.

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