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Britt is the newest member of the team !

She moved to Donegal from Australia to share her quirkiness and love of frogs with us .

Brit loves a pokemon ! and anything dorky , so she fits right in !







Ruth is head Artist  the owner of Zombie Dollz 

 Ruth has  background in fine art and metalworking, (silver and goldsmithing )She studied at Limavady College of Further education , and The National College of Art and design, and has exhibited in The Uster Museum in Belfast .


Ruth's experience with fine art and jewellery making are represented in her portfolio


She specialises in ornamental , gemstone , black & grey realism , colour realism , and abstract realism.




 Jenn is back 

She has returned to zombie Dollz After a year Tattooing in Dublin 

Jenn is specialising in blackwork , ornamental and colour 

You can book an appointment with Jenn ,  through our booking request form , in the Bookings section of the website .

You can also message us on the Zombie Dollz Tattoo Parlour facbook page , or you can get us on the phone or WhatsApp

Spaces are limited , because we know you all love her !


we look forward to hearing you ideas !    


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