16 stone of pure black metal, this behemoth took two large strides to get here from Hungary.


Specialising in all things black and grey, realism, surrealism and anything a bit dark, Levi is unusually gifted. Some might say he did a deal with the devil to get gifts this good. 


Not content with being the Adonis of tattooing (his words not ours) he specialises in making weapons, loves fishing, cooking and mushrooms, ahem!


Because he is so god-like in every way, we keep him in the attic of our new premises so he can be closer to heaven. 





Ruth is head Artist  the owner of Zombie Dollz 

 Ruth has  background in fine art and metalworking, (silver and goldsmithing )She studied at Limavady College of Further education , and The National College of Art and design, and has exhibited in The Uster Museum in Belfast .


Ruth's experience with fine art and jewellery making are represented in her portfolio


She specialises in ornamental , gemstone , black & grey realism , colour realism , and abstract realism.




 Jenn is back 

She has returned to zombie Dollz After a year Tattooing in Dublin 

Jenn is specialising in blackwork , ornamental and colour 

You can book an appointment with Jenn ,  through our booking request form , in the Bookings section of the website .

You can also message us on the Zombie Dollz Tattoo Parlour facbook page , or you can get us on the phone or WhatsApp

Spaces are limited , because we know you all love her !


we look forward to hearing you ideas !    




Britt is the newest member of the team !

She moved to Donegal from Australia to share her quirkiness and love of frogs with us .

Brit loves a pokemon ! and anything dorky , so she fits right in !